Winner Gallery: VPA 2017 Best in Show News

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Below are the Best in Show 2017 Award winners for news.

Daily Writing: Staff – Washington Post

“The best in show truly was difficult.  We ultimately decided that the breaking news coverage by the Washington Post of the congressional softball shooting gets the nod.

It was thorough, so much so, that it seemed every question had been asked if not answered.  All within 24 hours.

Using eyewitness sources, records and authorities, the Post gave a vivid account of what happened; detailed information on the suspect and possible motives; and info on the victims, including ongoing injury status. The Post did a superior job of quickly breaking the news and then clearly and concisely presenting it to readers all day long. It was a symphony of journalistic creation: maps, profiles, breaking updates, charts and more. Each element came together for the betterment of the whole.  Well tuned.”

Non-Daily Writing:Randy Rieland, Bud Meyer, John McCaslin, Laura Stanton, Dennis Brack &

Luke Christopher – Rappahannock News

Specialty Writing:Lisa Martin – The Crozet Gazette

“Not only was it a fascinating topic, but the writer used some nice phrasing. The story included voices from farmers, residents, scientists, victims, and animal handlers. There was a good balance of opinions and science.”

Online Writing:Don Del Rosso –

“Each article in this collection held my attention from beginning to end. They were informative, engaging and covered the story in a way I inspire to each time I write.”