Member Q&A: Robby Korth, Roanoke Times

By | 2018-08-09T16:43:18+00:00 August 9th, 2018|

Robby Korth stands in downtown Pulaski, close to Pulaski County courthouse. Photo by Heather Rousseau. This week we talked with Roanoke Times higher education reporter and co-creator of the podcast, “Septic,” Robby Korth. [...]

What happens when a newspaper’s website disappears?

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Archivists, publishers and communities alike worry about what happens when a newspaper website disappears When a newspaper shuts down, printed pages aren’t the only things that are lost. The newspaper’s website, which more often than [...]

Member Q&A: Graham Moomaw, Richmond Times-Dispatch

By | 2018-07-26T13:42:53+00:00 July 25th, 2018|

We talked to state politics reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch this week, Graham Moomaw.   Graham talks about covering the spectacle (at times) of Virginia politics, having his first "newspaper experience" at age 9, the similarities between writing about [...]

Member Q&A: Amy Voss-DeVito, Mountain Courier

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Amy Voss-DeVito and Jeff DeVito, publishers of the Mountain Courier. This week we are featuring Amy Voss-DeVito, co-owner, editor and publisher of the Mountain Courier--a monthly publication in Shenandoah County. Amy talks about [...]

Help STOP tariffs on newsprint-sign this peition

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STOP newsprint tariffs that are threatening American newspapers "The government, at the request of a single paper producer, has assessed tariffs (which are really new taxes) on newsprint imported from Canada. The longer these tariffs [...]