Training & Professional Development

VPA offers a variety of affordable, topical, and practical training and professional development opportunities to help our members learn and apply new knowledge and skills that will improve their performance on the job and their publication’s capacity to produce quality journalism.

VPA members receive significant discounts on training and professional development offerings which include but are not limited to:

Annual Conference

Every year, VPA hosts our premier event – the annual conference and awards banquet. Hundreds of VPA members gather from across the state to network, celebrate, exchange ideas and resources, and have fun.

Sales & Advertising Conference

VPA offers a one-day conference focused specifically on our advertising and sales professional members. This information-packed, practical training offers sales and advertising with tactics, strategies, and data to create long-term revenue growth and productivity.

VPA YouTube Channel

The VPA's YouTube channel offers a selection of training videos for journalists, ad sales reps and newspaper management. Subscribe HERE to our channel for updates and notifications when a new video is uploaded!

VPA Day in the Capital

Each year before the Virginia General Assembly begins, VPA holds its annual VPA Legislative Day in RVA. The event is one of VPA’s most popular events. We select journalists, industry professionals, state officials and legislators to lead panels throughout the day that discuss and analyze key subjects that the upcoming Assembly will be confronting. The event is meant to be an exclusive preview for working journalists and students of the upcoming session.