Member News (8/16/18): Tariffs cause cuts in Suffolk, new details in a reporter’s murder, ‘a single newsroom’ for the Pilot and Daily Press, Virginian Review turns 104

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Suffolk News-Herald to reduce publication frequency due to newsprint tariffs

The Suffolk News-Herald has announced the paper will reduce the number of days it publishes each week.

The paper will now publish five days a week, instead of six. They are cutting the Saturday edition. Publication days will now be Tuesday through Friday and then on Sundays. The last edition of the Saturday paper was published Aug. 11.

John Carr, publisher of the News-Herald, said the decision to cut one day of publication was made because of the increasing costs of newsprint, which have been brought on by tariffs on Canadian newsprint.

“Recently, a tariff on Canadian newsprint resulted in severe news­print shortages and sky­-rocketing prices,” Carr said. “Newsprint is our second-highest expense behind manpower.”

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New details emerge in 2012 case of murdered Winchester Star reporter

New details have emerged in the case of a Winchester Star reporter that was murdered six years ago.

In July 2012, Sarah Libbey Greenhalgh was shot fatally in the neck in her house that was also set on fire. The man named as a suspect by local law enforcement in 2014 was Greenhalgh’s former boyfriend, John Sheldon Kearns.

The case’s new details came from an unsealed search warrant in Fauquier County Circuit Court. Some of details revealed in the document were:

> Kearns had significant wounds on his hands when interviewed by police around the time of the murder.
> Kearns deleted emails he and Greenhalgh had
> Greenhalgh’s face and upper body were covered when police discovered her body
> Prior to Greenhalgh’s death, Kearns told his ex-wife that he committed, “numerous criminal acts in the past including arson of buildings and torture of animals.”

Kearns, who is not in prison, still maintains his innocence.

“Absolutely false. I [did] not have motive,” Kearns told the Star when reached recently by phone after the search warrant was unsealed. “I had nothing to do with this crime, and I [had] nothing against Sarah Greenhalgh.”

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‘A single newsroom,’ Tronc president discusses possibility of merging Daily Press, Pilot newsrooms

In an earnings call last week, Tronc President Timothy Knight alluded to the possibility that the company intends to merge the newsrooms of the Daily Press and the Virginian-Pilot.

“…We’re very well underway in our integration plans to have a single newsroom that supports the entire market, a single sales organization that supports the entire market,” Knight said in the call. “And we’ll look to figure out how do we serve the audiences as effectively as possible?”

In late May, Tronc purchased the Pilot for $34 million.

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Virginian Review celebrates 104 years in print

Last Friday, the Virginian Review in Covington turned 104-years old.

The paper was founded in 1914 by Major Richard F. Beirne Jr. Mary Ann Beirne is the current publisher and editor of the thrice weekly-newspaper.