Member News (3/8/18)

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Ogden Newspapers to buy Byrd Newspapers

Ogden Newspapers has announced that it intends to purchase Byrd Newspapers, ending more than 120 years of newspaper ownership by the Byrds in the Shenandoah Valley.

The sale will include two daily newspapers–the Winchester Star and the Daily News Record— as well as the Page News & Courier, The Warren Sentinel, The Shenandoah Valley-Herald, The Valley Banner and Skyline publications.

The sell is set to close by the end of the month.

Herald Courier wins Scripps Howard Award

The Bristol Herald Courier has won the Scripps Howard Award for Community Journalism for their “Addicted at Birth” series, which examined the impact of the opioid epidemic on new-born children.

Read our interview with the lead reporter of the series here.

Village News (Chesterfield) changes hands

The Village News (Chesterfield) is changing owners but staying in the family.

Last week, the Chesterfield Observer reported that the Village News was sold by co-founders Linda and Mark Fausz to their son Elliott Fausz.

Street sign to honor founder, late publisher of Richmond Free Press

A street sign in Richmond is being put up in honor of the founder and longtime publisher of the Richmond Free Press, Raymond H. Boone Sr.

The sign honoring Boone, who founded the weekly paper in 1992, will go up at the corner of 5th St and Franklin. Boone passed away in 2014.

Five VPA members receive honors from APSE

Reporters from the Daily Press, the Roanoke Times and the Daily Progress were all selected as finalists in multiple categories for the 2017 APSE Awards.

Daily Press writer David Teel was nominated in the Top 10 in both the Breaking News Category and in Explanatory Reporting.

The Roanoke Times received an Honorable Mention in the Sunday Sections category.

And Daily Progress reporters Ron Counts and Andrew Ramspacher received Top 10 honors in the Features category.

The Daily Progress as a publication received three nominations: Top 7 Daily Sections (under 15,000), Honorable Mention in Daily Section (under 30,000) and Top 10 in Special Sections.

As featured in last week’s Member News, the Virginian-Pilot and the Richmond Times-Dispatch also received honors from APSE.

RTD refocuses local coverage, moves to A Section

Executive Director and Vice President of News at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Paige Mudd, announced that RTD readers will begin to see a change in their newspaper starting next Monday.

The paper is “refocusing” their coverage of local news and will begin publishing it in the A Section of the paper. The Times-Dispatch will also reintroduce a features section with Monday being a health section, Wednesday a Food section and Insight on Saturdays.