RTD reporter named multimedia photographer of the year

Shelby Lum, a photographer and multimedia reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, was named Multimedia Photographer for 2019 by the National Press Photographers Association.

Lum’s award comes from the Northern Short Course Photo and Multimedia Contest.

Herald Courier reporter wins national award for transportation coverage

A reporter for the Bristol Herald Courier has won a national award for his coverage of roadways and transportation.

David McGee, who has been with the Herald Courier since 2001, was announced as the recipient of the 2018 National Media Award from the American Traffic Safety Services Association.

The award is given to reporters who provide informative and balanced coverage on major transportation issues. Nominees are submitted by communication officers in state departments. Michelle Earl, VDOT Bristol communications officer, nominated McGee for the award.

“I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition for just doing my job,” McGee said. “Access to safe roads and transportation issues are vitally important to people in our region.”

RTD discontinues cartoon strip following vulgarity

The Richmond Times-Dispatch will no longer run the popular syndicated cartoon strip “Non Sequitur,” because of a vulgarity the artist concealed in a drawing that appeared in last Sunday’s strip.

The artist, Wiley Miller, wrote “Go F— Yourself, Trump,” in the bottom corner of the cartoon, which appeared in papers across the country Sunday. The inscription was small and RTD was not aware of it until a reader pointed it out Monday.

Miller issued an apology Monday where he said he had drawn the cartoon eight weeks ago and had forgotten to remove the offensive language.

However, on Sunday he tweeted that some of his “sharp-eyed” readers should look for a “little Easter egg,” in that day’s cartoon.

Inside Business reporter, editor leaving

Nate Delesline III, an editor and reporter for Inside Business, is leaving the Virginian-Pilot publication for another job.

He has been at Inside Business for almost four years. His new job is in marketing.