Member News (1/17/19): Daily Press reporters go to Ukraine; three newspaper colleagues from around the state pass away

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Two Daily Press journalists visit Ukraine as part of long-standing exchange program

Over the summer, four journalists from Ukraine came to the Daily Press and the Virginia Gazette as part of a longstanding exchange program between the papers and an international nonprofit with the purpose of examining each country’s press and looking at their similarities and differences.

Late last month, it was the Daily Press’s turn to send reporters on exchange to Ukraine.

Two staffers from the Daily Press newsroom, photographer Jonathon Gruenke and reporter Hugh Lessig, made the trip. While there, the two were were guided by the leader of a local newspaper in northeastern Ukraine.

The country has established June 1 as nationalist Journalist Day and is currently transitioning out of a state-funded journalism model and moving toward a private model similar to the one in the U.S.

Daily Progress employee of more than 50 years dies

Marvin “Snooks” Conley, who worked for the Daily Progress for more than 50 years, died last month. He was 86.

Conley began working at the paper as a paperboy when he was young and eventually became the paper’s ad processor. He is survived by his life-long partner, Ann Darnell, and their four children, eight grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and his sister.

Longtime Southwest Times editor dies

John Roy “J.R.” Schrader , who worked at the Southwest Times for decades as an editor, died last week of complications from diabetes and other age-related issues. He was 81.

Schrader began his career at the Southwest Times in 1966 and would eventually go on to work in other sectors such as public service. He eventually returned to newspapers and later retired from the Carroll News in 2003.

In 2010, while retired, Schrader visited the Southwest Times’s office to discuss some typos in the paper. After that conversation, he ended up being hired as the paper’s copy editor. He worked for the paper up until his death, dying with the title of editor emeritus.

“J.R. was one of the most sincere and caring men I’ve had the pleasure to work with,” said David Gravely, projects manager for the Southwest Times. “Each time he came into the office he had that look on his face. You could just tell how much he loved newspapers and reporting.”

Editor of the News & Record dies

Sylvia Overton McLaughlin, the multi-decade editor of the News & Record in South Boston, died late last month. She was 84.

McLaughlin led the independently-owned paper through good and bad times with a steady and objective hand while also keeping a close relationship with readers and the greater community, according to her obituary.