Meet VPA’s 2018 Breakfast Keynote Speaker: Frank Bi

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“Storytelling in the Age of Platforms”

From Snowfall to Snapchat, how the rise in digital storytelling has evolved through platforms. I’ll talk about how new technologies are contributing to the rise of platform journalism and how newsrooms can anticipate the next big thing.

Who is Frank Bi?
Frank Bi is an engineer at Vox Media’s SB Nation where he works on developing interesting and unique storytelling experiences for the web. Frank is also an SPJ Trainer where he teaches journalists at conferences and in newsrooms on how to use Google tools. He lives in New York City.

Mr. Bi’s keynote is being sponsored by SPJ.
In addition to serving as the breakfast keynote, Bi will also lead a session Friday at the Virginia Press Foundation and SPJ Newsroom Tech-Shop 
Find out more about the other speakers and sessions at this year’s conference at: WWW.VPA2018.COM