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VPA needs your help with judging writing, photography, advertising and design entries for our contest partner. Volunteer today!

We get it. Everyone is really busy these days. So, the more people from within the ranks of the Virginia Press Association membership who raise their hands to volunteer with judging the Tennessee Press Association’s entries, the less any one particular judge has to take on.

Tennessee newspaper staff stepped up to the plate in a big way to judge our contest – and Virginia is one of the largest press association contests around. Please help us return the favor by judging their news and advertising contest entries.

We’ve said it before, but judging really is a great opportunity to gather new ideas for your news organization – whether it’s gaining inspiration for a future ad, finding a great topic for an article, noticing an interesting angle for a photo, getting a fantastic idea for a special section, or seeing other possibilities in newspaper design.

We encourage EVERYONE who entered the VPA contest to participate in the judging process. All current and retired staff from VPA-member organizations, J-School instructors, and associate or individual members are eligible to help judge.

Don’t have experience judging? That’s okay, we all have to start somewhere.

To sign up please email VPA Member Services Manager Janet Madison at today!

In your email, please include: your name, phone number, name of the newspaper you are affiliated with and whether it’s a weekly or daily, your position, your mailing address, your preferred judging category and any other additional information you think would be helpful so that we can match you appropriately to a judging category.

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