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Public Notices

Public notices provide citizens with important information about how government performs its work. Virginia’s public notice laws require government, businesses and some individuals to give notice to the public when critically important actions are about to be taken – the foreclosure of a home, passage of a local ordinance, the building of a new highway, the adoption of a child – and so on. Newspapers (print and digital) provide a reliable, accessible way to reach the public.


VPA has created a statewide public notice website to provide greater access to public notices in the Commonwealth. The website is keyword searchable, archived and free to use.

Public Notices in Virginia Overview

The Virginia public notice process requires governments to work with newspapers to guarantee that notices are published with the correct frequency and on time and that all notices are archived.  To learn more about the process – see our Public Notice Overview.

How to promote through house ads. 

Public Notice Resource Center

The Public Notice Resource Center (PNRC) is a nonprofit that promotes effective public notices and educates the public about its right to know