Advertising Workshop Preview Q&A

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Here is a Q&A with our presenters Jonathan Muzio & Ben Bouslog of Adcellerant for the Oct. 11 Advertising Workshop at VPA. You can register for the event here.

Why do you think adding digital is necessary for local businesses’ success?

Its a matter of fact that the future is in Digital. Taking advantage of the current capabilities will give your advertisers a head start on what is to come!

How will digital products complement print when paired together?

Utilizing several platforms to get your message in front of your target consumer is something advertisers need to be doing on a regular basis. We want to capture consumers in whichever part of the buying journey they may be in: Branding/Awareness > Intent > Research/Interest > Conversion > Purchase > Loyalty. Print is a top of the funnel product, the digital products that are available today can track success for the rest of the buying journey. 

What digital products have been increasing in popularity lately?

One of the most popular products is Device ID Targeting: Putting ads in front of consumers based on their historic locations – AND being able to track foot traffic attribution, which can be considered one of the most valuable types of attribution for any advertising efforts.  

Can you give us a success story related to digital advertising? 

Using Device ID targeting, I ran a campaign that proved we drove 130 people from a competitors store to our Jewelry Store advertiser’s brick-and-mortar. We calculated over 600% ROI!!