The mission of the Virginia Press Association is to support our membership through responsive services and resources. We champion the common interests of Virginia newspapers and the ideals of a free press in a democratic society.  Since 1881, the Virginia Press Association has been an unwavering advocate for newspapers in the Commonwealth.


We advocate for our members in the Virginia General Assembly and work to ensure legislation that favors a free and vibrant press—as well as an open and transparent government—is enacted.

Training & Education

We support our members through training and education with services designed to improve and enhance their respective publications. We believe in the work of our members and strive to constantly improve the practices and standards of journalism in the Commonwealth.

Member Services

We hold one of the largest news and advertising competitions in the country for our members, receiving more than 4,500 entries each year.


VPA has several standing committees and subcommittees as well as ad hoc workgroups, including Membership, Professional Development, Legislative, FOIA, Public Notices and Contest. If you are interested in joining one of our committees or workgroups, please contact info@vpa.net.


To view and download the Virginia Press Association Constitution and Bylaws, please follow the link given below.