Statewide Classified Ad Network

Our Virginia statewide advertising network gets your ad message out to 101 daily and community newspapers across the state at a fraction of the cost of calling each paper directly!  Your ad message will reach over 2.5 million READERS! 

For ONLY $300 you can place a 25 word classified line ad in 101 Virginia newspapers  -- there is NO BETTER DEAL in media today!  (After first 25 words, each additional word is $10 each)

Ask us about discounted networks in other states, we can help spread your ad message anywhere in the country!


Yes, this network cost is heavily discounted but we also want to offer you an incentive to run a frequency schedule.  Studies have shown that readers retain more if they see it more than once, so if you run your ad for four consecutive weeks with no copy changes, we will give you the FIFTH WEEK FOR FREE!


Our classified advertising network is a great way to get your classified ad message out to the entire state. Possible advertisers:  auctions, rental properties, vacation destinations, business opportunities, classic/hard to find items, building supplies, employment, technical/trade/online schools, etc.


Wednesday noon prior to the week of publication for order form, copy and payment

Click here for Standards of Acceptance.

Contact Adriane for more information – (804) 521-7570


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