Photography Rules

1. Appropriate dress required. For men, a coat and tie, no jeans, sneakers or hats. For women, a business suit or a dress, no jeans, sneakers or hats.

2. No distracting sounds should be permitted. Not more than one still photographer, using not more than two still cameras with not more than two lenses for each camera and related equipment shall be permitted in the courtroom. Flash equipment cannot be used in any courtroom. A request by the presiding judge for demonstration of he equipment must be fulfilled.

3. Color negative film or digital media will be used to give the option of color or black-and-white coverage. Photographers must use predesignated film or digital media. If no pool has been formed, the photographer is free to use any kind of film or digital media.

4. The photographer must remain on predesignated positions for the duration of the day's proceedings. The court allows no movement during the proceedings. All shipments, etc., shall be done during breaks and recesses only.

5. The pool photographer is responsible to fulfill all the photographic needs of all pool participants and must not abandon their position without the prior consent of the coordinator and all participants.