Daily Press wants hearing - and soon - on court access in Del. Richard Morris case

Daily Press

April 11, 2017

It's been nearly four months since the Daily Press requested a hearing at Suffolk Circuit Court into a lack of media access to a state lawmaker's criminal case in December.

But with no hearing yet scheduled, the newspaper will file another motion this week asking that the matter be heard - and soon - even if it means a new judge is appointed to the case.

"We need to get this process rolling," said Johan Conrod, an attorney with the Kaufman & Canoles law firm, which is representing the Daily Press. Conrod said he's made "repeated attempts" over the past four months to get a hearing on whether a Suffolk juvenile court judge acted improperly when he barred the media from attending a probable cause hearing against Del. Rick Morris, R-Suffolk, on Dec. 15.

"We've been asking for a hearing since before Christmas, and we're now in the second week of April and still don't have a hearing date," Conrod said.

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